Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Star Wars Hoth Project Update #2

Just a quick update today on the Star Wars project for HOTH.

AT-ATs are done and ready for action.  All the AT-STs are done (6 - up from 4 done at last update).  Lots of basing done.  The Ion Cannon (aka giant boob nipple gun) is done.  All the T-47 Air Speeders are done (12 total, 3 squadrons - Rogue, Green and Blue).

This week/weekend I plan to start the snow mat ... and get into the trenches as well ... fingers crossed that life/work doesn't derail those plans :-)

Special thanks to Michael at Golden Candle Studios - I'd be way behind on this project without him.

Things are coming along nicely.  I decided to snap some pictures ... the table is still in the setup from my ACW game last weekend, but figured what the heck ... why not snap a few crappy phone pictures just for fun ...

Near table level view ... these are BEASTS!


  1. What can one possibly say that will translate properly of the sheer masterpiece that this is going to be. There are no 'delusions' of grandeur here, just pure grandeur :)
    The 8 year old me's eyes are welling up right now, while the 40-a-lot old me is frantically checking flights out to the west coast lol!

    1. Lol!! Too funny Ivor ... thank you! Always welcome out here. You make it to PacifiCon and you can crash in my room for free and I'll cover the con fee :-) You'll be forced to play a lot of minis games though :-)

  2. Wow. Great modeling on armor, scenery, structures, space craft and in-place weapons, etc.

  3. The SW stuff looks utterly fantastic. Great job. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing on the table. 😀

  4. They look just the ticket :-)
    Brilliant work.