Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Napoleonic Russian Command

The absolutely excellent Steve Dake finished painting the very last of my Russian Napoleonic army while I was distracted by a great many other things.  These are the additional command stands I needed to do the Borodino scenario (Raevsky Redoubt) for General d'Armee.

Pictures of the battle that I hosted are forthcoming, but for now some pictures of the command stands ...

Warhammer Old World - More Units

Some more units have rolled off the line and into tabletop fighting readiness.  I've been slowed down by work and coaching Volleyball, but there is a lot more coming in short order here.  I ran into some calibration issues with the laser cutter I'm working through, so base production is slowed at the moment.

Nonetheless, here are some new units ...

These Empire Outriders are just waiting on thier movement tray ...

More Night Goblins are nearly done, and I have a boat load of Skaven basing (rebasing) to do.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Warhammer Old World - New Units

A mix of Dwarf and Orc and Goblin units today.  Steady progress on these armies is being made.  First up is a unit of Dwarf Longbeards with a Dwarf King leading them.  A couple of units of Irondrakes, and near the bottom a couple of Gyrocopters and a Gyrobomber.

A Mangler Squid, two Squig Herds, and a Giant add to the growing Orc and Goblin army.

I have an Elegoo Phecda laser engraver/cutter that I'm using to cut all the bases and movement trays from 2mm MDF.  So far so good on that front.

I'm also cutting out the magic spell cards for each of the lores.

Steady progress towards my first game is being made.  My armies for the Dwarves, Empire, Night Goblins, Orcs, and Skaven are coming together nicely.  More pictures to follow as units get based and finished up.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Warhammer The Old World

It's a slippery slope and just like Arnold in the Predator movie, I've slipped down the equivalent of a waterslide slathered with mud, only to be then uncerimoniously ejected out off a cliff into a lake at high speed.

I'm really positive on the rules for Warhammer the Old World.  I have ZERO desire to play in tournaments or anything like that, but I do love the lore and have fond memories of mega battles and big games with good friends.

To that end I've got plans that are quickly coming to fruition.  My first armies, that are well at hand, are 2000 point armies for the Empire, Dwarf Mountain Holds, Orcs (no Goblins), and Night Goblins (no Orcs).  The Orc and Goblin army combines for an impressive 4000 point army.  My Night Goblins and Dwarves are 99% painted.  The Empire is about 60% painted, and the Orcs are about 25% done.

Below are the first units I've finished basing.

Several additional units are in the basing process.  I should be playing my first games hopefully in about a month or so.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

All Quiet on the Martian Front - Command Tank

Just a quick update today.  After searching for some time I was unable to track down an original Mk IV Command Tank.  I was fortunate enough to find one on Shapeways and get it 3D printed.

Painted it up and ready to lead my US Army forces against the Martian menace.  Pictures below.

Slowly getting a decent force done for this game.