Sunday, December 2, 2012

Some Terrain Inspiration

I have been attending local conventions in the San Francisco bay area for some time now and I've managed to collect some great pictures of various games.  One of the best that I've seen in terms of terrain and figure quality has been run by a local guy who has run ACW and AWI "Brother Against Brother" wargames for a long time.  I always admired his terrain setup - all the little details he puts out - very inspiring.  I figured I would share my pictures of his games through the years for anyone looking for terrain inspiration.

As a side note, I had to increase my storage capacity for my blog site ... ran out of space ... hence my lack of posting after returning from work travel.

I hope this has given you some new ideas of what you can do for your wargames.  Much of my French and Indian War wargame table inspiration came from these pictures.


  1. Thanks for sharing. These are great pics. Keep on gamin'! Joe from DAWGS.

  2. Very inspirational photos - a lovely set up.

    Best wishes


  3. Wave 2 of my French and Indian War stuff is a couple weeks away from being done ... pictures to follow ... more stuff coming :-) Also have some major gaming time coming up ... battle reports to follow :-)

  4. Very good photos of superb terrain. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi jay
    Good to see you back in action. Had same problem with space have now put all photos on photo bucket. Much simpler and faster.


    1. Thanks Eric, excellent suggestion. I'm happy to be back in action. I've been tracking your progess as well and see you are off raiding the high seas. Your island/coastline project is looking awesome!

  6. Haha saw my picture of me, this was Matt's game. Looking forward to some Muskets and Tomahawks soon Jay.. :)