Monday, May 20, 2013

General Update - 5/20/2013

I have several updates for anyone that cares out there.

First up, took a second run at the recent Black Powder scenario I played with my friend Roy (see battle report for 5/10/2013).  Now being fully back up to speed on the rules the game played much faster (~3 hours) and was even more entertaining as we executed different strategies.  Although I think on paper it is hard for the British to win, I do this there is a cleaver balance to the scenario (from Albion Triumphant Vol. 1 - the "Battle of Granja de la Abundancia) scenario).  French victory as the British army broke on turn 7.

Well underway as the brigades get marched onto the table.

Both sides start softening up targets before melee time.

A bloodbath in progress.
The battle of the large hill decided the game.

As a friend of mine likes to say, "War is hell!"

So a little gaming over the weekend was fun.

I've funded the Robotech kickstarter project which is just now coming to an end. What an amazing deal. I was a chronic Robotech watcher growing up and still have all the episodes. This looks like a really fun game (based on the demo video). Original goal was to fund at 70k ... they just past 1.4 million ... DAMN! With all the free stuff I just can't wait to get my hands on it!

Another great project I have coming up is Dead Man's Hand - the old west rules now available from Great Escape Games. A very fast and fun system ... and you only need up to seven models for a gang ... that's it!  The terrain is beautiful and I have some plans to knock out a great little 3'x4' table for this game.

Awesome demo table!

I'm also wrapping up the basing for my second French regiment for my French and Indian War collection - along with two additional Indian units. That will finish up all the French and Indian figures I have.  Just a few more buildings to finish up and some fort artillery.

So I'm hoping to make lots of progress over the summer. There is a local game convention coming up (KublaCon) that I'll be spending some time at ... and will post a report on that when I get back.

Until next time, happy gaming!


  1. Great looking models and terrain :)

  2. very nice! "Looks like the beverage one this round," said one d6 to the others.

  3. Greate looking game !

    Will be nice to follow your Wild West project !

    Best regards Michael