Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quar Action (SOA) - 7/13/13

In addition to wrapping up the basing of my Crusader company, Anthony Brown from ZombieSmith came down to my humble abode to play some Quar with me.  The Quar world has two rule systems - a "full sized" game is played using This Quar's War (TQW) whereas the skirmish system is called Songs of Our Ancestors (SOA).  We played two games of SOA and had a blast.

The pictures below are primarily from our second game.  The first game pitted a Crusader section against a Coftyran section (nothing fancy there).  The second game we used the following:

1 x Infantry Section.
1 x HMG
1 x Chyweethl light armoured tractor

1 x Infantry section.
1 x Sniper
1 x LMG
1 x Ailthean light armoured tractor

The first game went to the Crusaders while the second went to the Coftyrans (royalists).  Pictures of the games below.

The table setup - until I get my Quar terrain done I'm just using
my F&I terrain.

Coftyrans advancing

Crusader fire team with Is-Caerten.

Had a hell of a fight over the main building - it came down to
hand-to-hand fighting.

A Coftyran Chyweethl light armoured tractor advances
toward a waiting Crusader Ailthean light armoured tractor.

I hope to do more detailed battle reports in the future but until then, game more!


  1. Great pictures of a stunning table with even greater figures.

  2. Very very impressive!

    Very jealous!

  3. Greate AAR of a setting I haven´t encountered before.

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael --- I highly recommend you check it out ... then prepare you bank account ;-)

  4. I can't help but like the Quar, I'm going to have to get some in 15mm!

    1. They are awesome ... they just posted up some pictures of 6mm Quar as well ... although the 15mm range is filling out nicely as well.