Monday, August 5, 2013

British Artillery Crew - French and Indian War

The march towards CelestiCon continues.  I managed to get my British artillery crews based up over the weekend and I have the fort guns and remaining French siege guns about 1/2 done on the painting bench. I think this game will turn out to look very nice when it is finally put out for the convention.  I'll certainly be taking many pictures of the game at the convention along with a full report of the action.

Pictures of the crews below.

Six artillery crews for the six fort guns.

A single crew with pile of cannon balls.

I'm waiting on an order from 4Ground to wrap up my Old West buildings ... and my DMH gangs should be finished soon so I'll post pictures when I have those based up.


  1. Greate work Jay !!!

    Thanks for the promise to take a lots of pictures, Will be looking forward to see them!

    I hope you get the time to fix it all up untill the convention.

    Best regards Michael