Monday, October 20, 2014

Roy Scaife's US Army and Airborne

Ok ... I found enough time this evening to take the pictures of Roy's US Army and Airborne troops.  Roy's in the process of basing his US Marines ... I hope to get pictures of those when he is done.

105mm howitzer.

Bazooka team, light mortar team and medic.

Spotter and Officer with rifleman.
1st section.

2nd section.

HMG team and light mortar team.

Two bazooka teams and officer.

1st section.

2nd section.

3rd section.

4th section.

Not the best pictures I've taken ... but you get the jist of it.


  1. Those look brilliant!
    Does Roy do his own painting? Are the figures from Warlord?

    1. Those were done by Artmaster Studio in the UK. They are a mix of Warlord (Airborne) and Crusader miniatures (Army).

  2. very curious to know the the paints used, currently starting my own US force so all the help is greatly appreciated, same for the vehicle colours.

    thanks for sharing Jay!

  3. Uh, we call them "squads" in the US of A, Mr O. Canada... ;-)