Monday, September 21, 2015

General Update - 9/21/2015

Hello all,

My apologies for the lack of recent posts - believe me I have much to share with you all - several projects and commissions have been completed recently.  September thru November is my "busy" time at work when things are just crazy all day every day.  The time between the convention earlier this month and today has been particularly grueling at work!  But, fear not, there is more to come.

One big one is that this Sunday will be the first play test of my ACW wargame rules.  I started down the path of working to make Black Powder more playable and combine it with aspects of some other games systems that I really like.  About a quarter way into that effort what I was writing down didn't in any meaningful way represent Black Powder.  So, I gave the document a new name and went about making it more of a stand along set of rules.  I of course don't intend to "publish" this set (at least for now) and will likely share it with those who are interested once I get a game or two under my belt and make the necessary updates to the document.  You can see the current "cover page" of the document in the picture below.

A work in progress ...

I'm actually very pleased with the progress I've made on these and can easily adapt them for my Napoleonic games.  More on this to come in the battle report from this forthcoming weekend!

As a result of the upcoming ACW play test game I've been basing ACW miniatures and trying to paint some limbers and guns that are needed to finish off another Union and Confederate artillery unit.  I'll be posting pictures up of the new units (of which there are many) soon.

I have modern USMC back from my painter and need to finish basing them - I'll post pictures of those up shortly as well.  All that and I need to post pictures of my British vehicles that got finished up for the Hell's Highway game.

So ... lots to do ... and of course part 2 of my building/painting the Seminary College is forthcoming.

I'd like to give a shout out to the "Cluck Amok" blog ... there are some visually stunning pictures he's posted up of the French & Indian Wars games he ran at a recent convention ... I recommend checking it out:  Below is a picture from one of his games ...

Image: Cluck Amok

Ok, that is enough for now, gotta get basing and take some pictures!


  1. Sounds like an exciting adventure. Good luck on the rules play-tests.

  2. That's brilliant Jay! Looking forward to seeing how that goes. Are the rules set only for 28mm (which I think is all you have in your collection after following you all these years) or will they be able to cross over into other scales?

    1. Thanks Ivor! I'm doing the ranges for 28mm ... but it would work just as well with 15mm or smaller ... just have to adjust weapon ranges and movement a bit ... nothing crazy.

  3. Hi Jay! Thanks so much for the shout out. Good luck with your projects and rule writing : )