Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bolt Action Germans

I've managed to get my first wave of Germans completed for Bolt Action.  This is the basis for my grenadier company - I'm painting a PaK40 at the moment - crew is done, but that will be added to the current group soon.  I'll have British done shortly (working through basing now) - same sized force for the most part.  I hope to follow up this batch with British airborne and German Fallschirmjager - 500 points each.  I also have several vehicles in the works that should make for some interesting supported options.

Right now I have:

1 x Officer with two extra riflemen
1 x Medic
1 x FOO
1 x 10 man section (2 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 7 x riflemen)
1 x 10 man section (2 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 7 x riflemen)
1 x 10 man section (2 x SMG, 1 x LMG, 7 x riflemen)
1 x MMG (MG42)
1 x Mortar (81mm)

Pictures below - enjoy!

The platoon sized force so far ...

81mm Mortar Team

MG42 MMG Team

MG42 MMG Team

Specialists - Medic and FOO

Medic and FOO

My (optional) Panzerfausts

1st Section

2nd Section

3rd Section

Officer with additional riflemen

In addition to the infantry, I also have a few vehicles ready for action.

King Tiger

Hetzer - "dang near killed her!"

Sherman (ok, not German ... but done)

That's all for now ... but stay tuned for more soon.


  1. Very nice force, like the tanks alot !

    best regards Michael

    1. Thanks :-). More tanks to come ... Just picked up a nice new industrial air compressor for my air brush.

  2. Great looking force. Nice job on the basing too.

  3. Great work! Looks like a Flamethrower, Panzerfausts and Schreks for the future!

  4. Very nice mate. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks! I looking forward to finishing more :-)

  5. I like your new banner on this blog! Where did you get such a great idea???