Monday, February 18, 2013

Give Your Dice Some Love!

As many of you may have seen in my gaming pictures I use a clear bucket to roll my dice in --- this is called a "Dice Shield" and is an exceptional piece of gamer bling.  The Dice Shield I have is actually just a prototype of the product ... I was lucky enough to bribe the creator at a local convention with enough cash for him to give it up to me!  I've just been informed that the project is now live up on Kickstarter ... which is great ... because I want one for each corner of my table (right now we share a single one in the middle of the table ... would rather have one on each side at least).

Disclaimer:  I'll be clear, I have no financial investment involved here ... I'm merely a "user" ... and I have no real connection to the creator who, beyond meeting him at a local convention once and chatting with him a couple of times over that weekend, I have no other involvement with him.

The Dice Shield - even comes with extender legs
(pegs - not pictured) so it hovers above
your miniatures and terrain.

Anywho, please check it out ... and get one for yourself on the Dice Shield Kickstarter!


  1. I like the concept, but does it skew the dice rolls like other trays? When you roll the walls and such bump the dice or even stop the dice from making turns, this is huge in the case of larger dice in large numbers...sure, 3-6 would work fine it seems, but when you roll 12-16 large dice would it be honest rolls or constricted in dice results?

    There is one guy around here that uses a dice tray and also turns all his large dice to the same facing....many people suspect he cheats the dice rolls by rolling large # of dice in a small 8 sided dice gaming tray. By face up, they don't turn much so he gets the result sides he wants by how he holds and rolls the dice.

  2. If you suspect him as you do, maybe he needs a Dwight-Schrute-Shunning. Jus' sayn'...

    I've played with Jay using these and this problem doesn't strike me as an issue.

  3. There is a rubber mat at the bottom that provides traction on the dice ... And I would limit the number of dice I would roll in it to 12 ... I've been using it for a while and can say the results are truely random.