Friday, July 11, 2014

ACW Black Powder - First Two Union Units

As I continue to make progress on my WW2 projects for Bolt Action, I've also another "skunk works" project underway - which is American Civil War for Black Powder.  The first two Union infantry units (of 15) are now complete (thanks Steve Dake if you are reading this!).  I plan to complete the Irish Brigade, a couple of Zouave units and several other notable units from the battle of Gettysburg.  Rounding out the 15 unit infantry units will be two batteries of artillery and 2-3 regiments of cavalry.  For the Confederates I'll have 15 infantry units - all three brigades from Pickett's division at Gettysburg, along with two batteries of artillery.  Joining me in this endeavor is Roy - who will be doing the Iron Brigade and also Confederate units (including cavalry).

Our infantry units are 5 bases of 6 figures (30 figures per regiment).  Our artillery batteries are two guns when unlimbered, and a single limber team and gun when limbered and on the move.  Our cavalry units are 8 bases of 2 figures (16 figures per regiment), with 12 dismounted figures and 4 horse holder teams to represent the regiments when the dismounted to fight.

Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some Union artillery and the first Confederate infantry unit to show you all, with periodic additions after that every month or so.

So enough of that ... on to the pictures ...

28th Massachusetts Volunteers
(4th Regiment of the Irish Brigade)

5th New York State Volunteers
(Duryee's Zouaves)

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures ... more to come ... and a Bolt Action game tomorrow.


  1. Great looking trops, love the Zouaves...

  2. Are they both Perry plastics? I really like the colours.

  3. Nice job!

    Always interested in finding out what colors and paints people use. What did you use for your blue union trousers?

    1. I know a Prussian blue mix was used on the jackets ... not sure on the trousers ... I had these contract painted for me since I'm focused on WW2 stuff at the moment. I just finish them by basing them and getting the banner pole/flags attached.

  4. Very well done! These Zouaves are especially striking.

    1. Thanks, I'm very happy with how both units turned out.