Tuesday, July 29, 2014

75mm AT Gun Position (Pegasus Bridge Scenario)

Ok, pulled a late night here and finished up the 75mm AT gun position. This is the model that is available with the Warlord Pegasus Bridge set ... I sold most of my set in favour of the 4Ground set ... but kept the key parts that I know 4Ground was not going to produce.

I magnetized the gun itself so I can freely turn it and remove it if necessary (to fit the crew or remove it as destroyed).  I used a three colour grey for the cement (Foundry "Granite" series).  Finished off the base as I normally would with a little static grass and some highland tuffs from Army Painter.  I used Vallejo model colour paints to do the gun itself and the camo green.  Pictures below.

The gun is magnetized so I can remove it or swivel it freely.

That's all for now folks!


  1. Magnets?! How do they work?


    1. John -- I guess you can't use mimes in the comments ... otherwise you would have! ;-) lol

    2. Bingo. I looked it up. It's possible, but it needs to be enabled by the blogspot admin, which you have smartly decided not to do.

      Linking to a video? *shakes head*

      Anyways, I like the gun, and of course looked up old photos for a reference to that camo pattern.

      I seriously cannot wait to play in this scenario. :)

  2. Looks great, really great!!