Wednesday, August 13, 2014

British Airborne (Bolt Action)

I've just finished up the basing on my British Airborne (more kudos to Artmaster Studio for their always excellent work) that will be used for my upcoming Pegasus Bridge game I'll be running at CelestiCon.  Things are coming along nicely --- my trenches from Ironclad Miniatures arrived yesterday and are spectacular (doing those next).  I've also started putting the finishing touches on the bridge board/river sections.  I still need to base Cafe Gondree ... and do a few other odds and ends ... but I'm on track to be done before the convention.

Nuff talk ... onto the pictures ...

Officer + 2 men
(Can use the radio operator as a spotter
for the medium mortar team)


Light Mortar Team

PIAT Teams


Medium Mortar Team

MMG Teams

1st Infantry Section

2nd Infantry Section

3rd Infantry Section

I'm really happy with this addition to my Bolt Action collection ... more to come!


  1. Excellent work, Jay.
    The camouflage is stunning and so are the facial expressiong of those Red Devils.


  2. Wonderful looking paras - you did a fine job with the camo.

    1. Thanks Dean - I had those done by Artmaster Studio ... they always do a great job on anything camo.