Friday, August 15, 2014

Trenches (Ironclad Miniatures)

In support of my Pegasus Bridge project I bought a goodly quantity of resin trenches from Ironclad Miniatures.  I have much more than is pictured below, as I picked up enough to do a Brecourt Manor scenario in the future.

When it comes to trenches there are clearly two camps --- those who want them embedded (built-in) in their tables with a more realistic "depth" look, and those who need or want the modular approach.  Since I plan to use these for multiple scenarios, I didn't want the built-in type, so I checked on the modular "above board" trenches that are out there.  I already have a large number of trenches from Armorcast, but those are more "sci-fi" looking IMO and I wanted trenches will a more gradual slope to the tabletop.  I had first seen the trenches from Ironclad Miniatures in use by Adam Clark, and they looked exactly like the type I was after.

So I made the purchase and must admit they are very fine trenches.  The resin arrived very clean and I was able to go straight on to painting and finishing.  I have completed painting up only the sections I need for my upcoming Pegasus Bridge scenario, but I do plan to finish the rest of the sections after the convention.

The trenches I'll be using for the Pegasus Bridge scenario.

Standard 6" straight section with two different
types of end sections - one end trench and
one trench entry.

Team position section with trench end section.

A short straight section - 3" in length.  Ironclad
sells a few different versions of the short - this
one I really like because of the side with the
built up sandbags.

With 28mm Warlord British Airborne troops
for size comparison.

I use 60mm round bases for my MMG (and similar) teams
which fit perfectly in the appropriate trench sections.

For the base dirt look I used four colors.  I primed the sections using Armory Black spray primer.  I then drybrushed the sections using GW Rhinox Hide, then Steel Legion Drab, and lastly Karak Stone.  For the grey stones I used Foundry Slate Grey (32A, 32B then 32C).  For the stand bags I painted them with GW Steel Legion Drab, then I drybrushed them with Zandri Dust followed by Karak Stone.  A little white glue for the static grass as the last step and done.

I was also able to add the crew into the 5cm AT gun position.  The officer is just using the base that  he is molded with as if I base him on the normal bases I use the figure will not fit around the AT gun.  I've attached the gunner to the gun frame as the seat and support is part of the figure.

That's all for now --- and as always, more to come.