Sunday, May 3, 2015

General Update - 5/3/2015

I've been busy with several projects on my plate.  The good news is I'm just about done several new things for both ACW and Bolt Action.  It is a bit funny, if you've ever stopped to look at your paint table and wondered "How did I manage to get all this stuff on here?" ... WW2 troops and tanks mixed with ACW infantry and artillery ... hum.

Well, I figured I share some pictures (taken from my phone) of my painting table ... just trying to get everything to the "basing stage" ... almost there ...

Three new ACW Union infantry regiments.
Just need to gap fill with green stuff, sand,
dryburshing and static grass.

ACW Confederate limber team.  Need to gap fill and
sand, drybrush and static grass.

The first of my DAK - trucks are loaded up with troops!
I used a thick business card to make each side of
the truck a "strip" of troops so you can
remove them when they deploy.

The big guy in his SdKfz 250 ... I still need to do some
painting on the recce Kubelwagon .. the gas cans
need to be desert tan and it needs weathering powders.

Three Panzer III's are ready for weathering powders.

A mix of platoon command and support teams waiting
for sand, drybrushing and desert tufts.

Rest of the DAK infantry waiting for sand, drybrushing
and desert tufts.

Union brigade commander and DAK MMG and medium
mortar teams waiting to get their weapons
assembled and painted (then based).

Union and Confederate division commanders - I'm
waiting on the flags for these guys from GMB Designs
before I base them.

Confederate brigade commander waiting for basing.

The unlimber confederate artillery waiting for basing.
I glue the guns on after I finish the based to make
it easier to sand and drybrush.

Well, there you have it ... lots of stuff that is almost done.  KublaCon is fast approaching in a few weeks and I'm looking forward to that.  I also have some other big news that I will share soon - but I'm not ready just yet to spill the beans.


  1. An truly amazing amount of exellent painted minis Jay ! Really impressive !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Are you saying that all the above miniatures weren't commissioned out to be painted and you did all that recently!? I really felt I was doing a pretty good job painting since the new year, not anymore! Simply amazing!

    *and I so wish I lived in your neighborhood*

    1. Hey Ivor --- the DAK infantry have been done for a while ... awaiting basing ... those are Artmaster Studio ... I've needed to finish a bunch of odds and ends for all these projects to get them to basing ... just finally hunkered down to get it all done ... but still have lots to do (more limbers/guns ... gotta finish the MG43 and Mortar for those DAK teams) ... yes, I do a mix of my own painting and get stuff commissioned ... only way to get these big projects done ... or multiple projects at the same time ... but usually I have to go finish figures I have commissioned ....

  3. Wow! Impressive amount of work and impressive quality.

  4. looking great sir - whats the big news

    1. Next post will have the big news :-) Later this week ...

  5. Wow! They look superb.
    After seeing the DAK figures in the back of the trucks, they are a must.

    1. Thanks --- I agree, once I saw those figures from Perry I had to get them ... I notice that Warlord just released regular heer seated guys as well ... may have to get some of them for my 251s and trucks for the European theatre.

  6. Hey, love the work! Who makes the round green flat 60mm bases? I have been looking for a good supply of those... Thanks in advance!

    1. Rendra Plastics ... you can get them from Architects of War in the US ... or Gripping Beast in Europe.