Tuesday, May 24, 2016

KublaCon 2016 Approaches!

KublaCon 2016 is this forthcoming Memorial Day weekend.  I plan to head up early Friday morning and game my butt off until late Sunday evening.  This is the bay areas largest game convention and also sees the largest miniatures footprint, and from what I hear this year it is full up.

For me and my merry group of gamers we have several games planned:

  • Friday @2PM:  Raid on Fort William Henry - Muskets & Tomahawks (modified)
  • Friday @7PM:  Battle of An Nasiriyah - Modern Bolt Action
  • Friday @7PM:  Operation Dragon Strike - Modern Bolt Action
  • Saturday @10AM:  Battle of Castalla, April 13th, 1813 - Empires At War
  • Saturday @4PM:  Recce Hold! - Bolt Action WW2 (eastern front)
  • Sunday @10AM:  The Red Bear Awakens - Modern Bolt Action (US/Russian in Europe)
  • Sunday @3PM:  Sons of Liberty! - Brother Against Brother AWI

A busy schedule - I'm especially looking forward to our Sunday game that sees the Russian invading mainland Europe - fighting against US Army forces by a European city.

I'll be taking a shed-load of pictures and will do my post-convention report as usual.  If you happen to be going to the convention do stop by and say hello ... or hell, even play in one of the games!


  1. Good stuff Jay! Hope everything goes well - looking forward to seeing the next post showing off the weekend!

    1. Thanks Ivor --- to bad you don't live closer!!!

    2. You have no idea how many times I've said that over the years!

  2. Looks to be a super weekend!

  3. Seems like you have plenty to do:) hope you Will bring home a bunch of nice gaming pictures.

  4. No rest for the wicked. Makes me kind of wish I still lived in the Bay area.