Monday, December 19, 2016

Helm's Deep Project Update #2

Making more project on this project ... may have to start digging into the booze collection behind it before the end ;-)

Learning a lot about working with the Hurst Arts blocks.  Love them.  Due to some gaps in a few spots I'll have to go in later with some green stuff, but overall it is starting to come together.

The Hornburg is starting to kinda sorta maybe look like the Hornburg ...

Blue foam in place to provide height.

Still working the outer walls up at this point ...

Checking the placement of the side ...

Starting to lose fit the interior walls ...

The inside is started ... planning around the side wall
took a bit with the staircase that has the opening
under it (leading to the deeping wall) ...

Starting to get the outer walls to the height they
need to be at (floor of the walls will go on top
before adding the ramparts) ...

The interior to coming together ... I'm pouring plaster in the
steps to even out the surface ... the cobble will go on top
of that to finish the effects (but the parts are to thin
to hold up without a solid surface under) ...

Opening to the Deeping Wall is coming along while
the staircase grows ...

The interior and rear of the Hornburg are started ...

The last picture shows the interior lose fitted ... I've made a little more progress there with the basic outline glued into position.

I'm happy with the progress so far.  Really happy to start into the back part ... I had check at several points to make sure I would have enough room, but happy to see actual pieces getting glued in place now.

In other news ... although GW re-released the LOTR line, there are still some things that you can't get ... like promo or special figure sets.

Managed to get all the books on the cheap from Ebay.

Merry and Pippin riding the Uruk-Hai express ...

4 x mounted Rohan Royal Guard, a mounted standard bearer,
and mounted/foot Eomer.

Just had to get Gimli sitting on the dead Uruk-Hai ...

And I found a great deal on a bunch (36) riders of Rohan.

Yup, progress ... but a long ways to go.


  1. Absolutely amazing! So much brilliance in one place, it's like overloading my brain :)
    I always wanted to pick up the Merry and Pippin captured figures, so cool - as is the Gimli!

  2. Stunning job, I am really impressed, congrats!

  3. Awesome ! Very interesting job. Bravo