Monday, August 14, 2017

Blood Bowl - Chaos Dwarf Team

I been very busy getting ready for CabinCon.  I now have 4 fully complete Blood Bowl teams with another 3 almost complete  Over the next few days I will be posting pictures of the completed teams.  There are also several SAGA warbands that I never took pictures of before, so I'll be posting those as well as I work my way through all the picture taking and such.

The first team up is my Chaos Dwarf team.  The talented Mark Brooks painted up this team for me and I must say he did a great job.  While not released with the new Blood Bowl rules, I have the stats from the old rules that I can use for them.

The team has lots of options, in total I have the following:

  • 6 x Chaos Dwarf Blockers
  • 6 x Hobgoblins
  • 2 x Bull Centaur
  • 1 x Minotaur
  • 1 x Bull Centaur Star Player

Pictures below of the players ...

Full team picture

Custom Team Markers

Bull Centaur #1

Bull Centaur #2

Bull Centaur Star Player


Minotaur (different angle)

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #1

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #2

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #3

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #4

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #5

Chaos Dwarf Blocker #6

Hobgoblin #1

Hobgoblin #2

Hobgoblin #3

Hobgoblin #4

Hobgoblin #5

Hobgoblin #6

In addition to the Chaos Dwarves, I have Skaven, Dwarf, and Human teams ready to go.  I have an Orc team and a Goblin team that are just about done.