Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wargames Illustrated Article

Some of you may recall my post about building scenarios.  I did write it up for Wargames Illustrated and low and behold the article has appeared in this months Wargames Illustrated (#358)!  Really happy that this got published, hooray!

Issue #358

Fighting Talk on page 34

In other news ... where to begin ...

I'm still extremely excited about getting Blood and Plunder on the tabletop.  So much so that I've contracted Artmaster Studio in the UK to paint all four of the existing factions (104 figures!).  I packaged these all up and shipped them via the United States Postal Service (USPS) on July 10th, with an expected delivery date of July 14th.  I paid extra to get it there quickly as Artmaster indicated they would be able to get them back to me before CabinCon (Sept. 1-3).  I promptly dove into terrain and other preparations ... until ...

Oh, the United States Postal Service ...

My package arrived in San Francisco and was sent to US Customs for clearance.  I live in Fremont, a 30 minute drive away.  My package should not have entered US Customs.  There my package sat.  I attempted to call USPS several times ... usually having to hang up while waiting for someone to answer.  I finally got an option to get called back ... and finally got a hold of someone who was very helpful.

Long story short, on August 1st they found my package (after 23 days in shipping purgatory) and as of August 2nd it had arrived in the UK.  Fingers crossed it gets through UK Customs (not gonna hold my breath!) quickly and then on to Artmaster Studio.

Admittedly, my motivation was ruffled ...

Ahhh ... poop!

So, I kept printing 3D fort parts but not much else.  Good news is I have enough fort parts now.

But what to do about CabinCon?  In a Wednesday night beer session with the lads the answers came forth ... an idea!

SAGA and Blood Bowl.  We'll host a mini (friendly) Blood Bowl tournament for the 6 of us on the Friday of the mini-convention and on Saturday we can do a mini SAGA tournament.  I very much use the term "tournament" here very loosely.  It is really just providing a structure around who is to play who for each game.

If you've never seen all the awesome ads for Blood Bowl ... do a Google search and prepare to giggle ...

Blood Bowl ads

Anyways ... I have several teams that I'm preparing so we can all play (I have my Orcs, but added Humans, Skaven, Dwarves, and Goblins).  Roy has his Chaos team now and my Chaos Dwarf team should be completed very soon.  Lot's to choose from.

Now, my current project is to attempt to build out 3 x custom Blood Bowl tables for CabinCon.  Then straight after that, back to Blood and Plunder because I want to play that ASAP after the convention.


  1. Again, congrats on the article - good stuff!
    Glad the box was finally located and hopefully it gets over that last hurdle and on to Artmaster :)
    And nope, not even going to look at Blood Bowl - you're the second person in a week now to talk up BB and I can't let myself even think about another new rules set!!??

    1. Lol ... sweet sweet revenge for Blood and Plunder ;-) But don't worry, cost of entry and execution is low :-)

  2. Jay that was a great blog post a while back about scenarios etc. I linked several of my friends to that one. Very happy it make it into WI.

    Too bad about mail, I've had an occasional hiccup and feel for you.

    I love Saga, you'll have a blast with that, but never been able to get on the Blood bowl train.


    1. Thanks Kevin! I'm just glad they found the package and I'm not filing some insurance claim. I love SAGA ... need to play it more really. Blood Bowl - just played my first real game last night and had a blast! :-)

  3. Congrats on the article.

    Good luck on the project.


  4. Please keep updating this blog, it's been too long. Great post! We adore this blog and This information is very good.



    1. Yes, just getting back to it. New post coming soon :-)

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