Thursday, January 25, 2018

Empires at War Napoleonic Rules v3.0

Hey all.  With Waterloo pending I've gotten around to getting all my major updates into the Empires at War (EaW) rules.  I am starting to work on the army lists that go along with this - which will likely lead to the addition of some more special rules.

One major conclusion that I've come to is that the Kings of War morale system - while interesting - just doesn't work well for morale.  It is very static and doesn't account for many situations.  I decided a different approach was needed for morale and leverage the method I've used for issuing orders to units.  I really happy with the updates - especially since a major task was to make it easier to use the quick sheets (e.g. consolidate commonly used info into tables).

If you want to check out the rules you can download them from here.


  1. Very nice indeed! I'm not familiar with these rules but I must say page 3 of the QRS, Resolving Charges, looked imposing - I couldn't zoom in to actually read them so maybe I'm wrong lol!

    1. Can download them for an easier read. Charging is easy to resolve ... most of that section deals with situations that are ineviatable in wargames.

    2. Yeah, if you want to put them up as a download or you can just shoot me an email with the file is good too :)

    3. Lol ... look above top picture ... click "here" ;-)

  2. Jay puts up a free download, Kevin is going to download. I may not be painting Nappy now but you never know and your stuff is always sweet. Thanks for sharing.