Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Waterloo Project - More Battlefield Extras

More progress this week and a quick post to cover it.  I finished all the initial battlefield extras that I wanted to get done for Waterloo.  Now I need to get back to finishing basing infantry and cavalry units.  Pictures below of a few things:  artillery crews working to replace the barrel on a gun chassis (howitzer), an ammunition caisson, and Napoleon's personal staff.

Still waiting on word that the mats have shipped - looks like I'll not have them or the weekend.  I did order 12 additional volley fire lights from Warlord games (I have 16 now ... so this brings me up to 28).  I originally used regular cotton balls for the lights, but pillow cotton is lighter, reflects the lights better, and maintains shape better.  So, I'll try to replace the original lights cotton and get the new lights done.  So ... much ... to ... do!

Anywho ... pictures below.


  1. Oresum! Just can't get over how neat the little vignettes are, that barrel replacement is brilliant - I'm really not familiar with the Perry line at all, do they do stuff like this for ACW and AWI too?

    1. The tripod is from Black Hussar ... but the rest are all Perry minis. Yes sir ... they do this sort of thing for almost all of their lines. My next wave of stuff for ACW is the extra sets from Perry (e.g. camp sets, supply wagons, etc.). :-)

  2. A good many nifty little extras!

  3. Fabtastic stuff - Perfect for fleshing out a table.
    Thanks for posting.

  4. Impressive, beautiful, and very nicely done!