Monday, October 29, 2012

Fort William Henry Project Update - Fort Complete!

Fort William Henry is complete.  I might go back and add a few rocks and a British Flag at some point but for now the fort is complete with sturdy base.  I've left the fort separate for now so I can more easily store and transport it as a whole.  I put an MDF backing on the rear of the base to protect the foam - the sand should protect the top of the foam well.  I'm afriad the model is a big drab ... the only color really comes from the grass.  I'm starting into painting the fort guns ... I figure once they are on it and the crews are done that should help brighten things up.

Don't mind the mess ... I haven't cleaned up the garage/game room for a little bit and all the sanding of plaster and MDF has left a real mess (along with all the other crap I have laying about).

The rear span is just about five and a half feet long with the forward running sides measuring about four and a half feet each ... this sucker takes up some space ... can't imagine if I did the whole fort where I would put it.

I hope you've enjoyed the series about the fort.  I'll being doing a post or two on the French artillery position and engineering trenches as the next projects for the LotM scenario.

I'm about to hit a bit of a rut however ... Tuesday is my wifes birthday, the next day is Halloween, then from November 4-8 I'm in Las Vegas for work quickly followed by Dublin, Ireland from November 11-17 again for work.  Then it's Thanksgiving in the US ... fortunately I'm off that week so I can clean up the place for that and perhaps get a game in or at least make some progress on my projects.  I'm also expecting to have my next wave of FIW painted by then along with some Bolt Action stuff (1000pt starter armies for British and German).  For any regular readers fear not --- I'm going to attempt to queue up some articles I can post while I'm travelling.

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  1. Fantastic! I wish I had room to store something of this size. I'm looking to maybe seeing it at a Con sometime in the future? I'm moving to the west coast (of Canada that is) in the next year.

    1. Absolutely, it will be at KublaCon in May in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

  2. The fort looks great. Once you've added some flags (and troops) it livens up the color scheme significantly I think. Especially British regulars in the red. I didn't realize you were in the Bay Area (must have missed that). I'll be bringing a game or two to Kublacon as well so I'll have to find out when you are running yours so I don't miss it.

  3. Superb looking vauban fort Jay. Far from drab, it will be a magnificent feature on your wargames table!


  4. Absolutely stunning terrain piece !!!

    Very good work, impressive !

    best regards Michael