Monday, October 15, 2012

General Update

I been making progress on several projects slowely as work as got in the way this past week or so.  That looks to be passing and I hope to make some progress this week.  I do have the fort painted now (including door) and I'll be posting an update on that front later today. 

I've packed up and shipped off more miniatures to be painted for my French and Indian Wars stuff (sent to Artmaster Studio).  I'm expanding both my French and British armies.  The French are getting a unit of Grenadiers and a large group of Indians while the British are getting Highlanders (Black Watch).  The French and British artillery crews have also gone off to be painted as well.  I'll be painting the fort guns and French 24pdrs myself (that's the least I can do).  I'll be starting the French seige position and trenchworks soon as well (waiting for a brand new fancy foam cutter to finish the base for the fort).

Meanwhile, I'm expanding into some 28mm WW2 stuff.  I picked up the WW2 buildings from 4Ground (via Warlord Games) and I've sent off the starter armies (1000pts) for both the British and Germans to be painted by Dragon Painting Service (DPS) to see how they do with them. 

By mid-December I should have expanded games of Muskets and Tomahawks underway, with perhaps the first games of my Fort William Henry scenario underway along with my first games of Bolt Action.  I think in the meantime I'm due to write a solid review of both Muskets and Tomahawks and Bolt Action to share my useless musings with the broader community of gamers out there.

So stay tuned - lots of great stuff coming up -- including my assembly and basing of those awesome 4Ground buildings for WW2!


  1. I would not say that your musings are anything by useless. I may have stolen your method of making shingling for the Pegasus buildings and always look forward to you next post.

  2. Excellent - thanks! Steal away :-)