Friday, January 3, 2014

GameTime - Episode 2: Ogre Boardgame

Hello all!

GameTime is back with an all new episode on the Ogre boardgame!  The 3 part episode just posted up today to YouTube and is now available to watch.  I've embedded the videos below as usual.  Note that they are all available in HD (1080p) for the highest video resolution (although YouTube doesn't default to that quality - you'll have to select it).

Episode 2, Part 1 (of 3): Ogre Introduction
Direct link:
In this part we talk about upcoming episodes (Muskets & Tomahawks and Game of Thrones) and we go through a complete unboxing of the Ogre boardgame box.

Episode 2, Part 2 (of 3): Ogre How To Play
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In part 2 of the Ogre boardgame episode we do a walkthrough of the rules of the game and show you how to play.

Episode 2, Part 3 (of 3): Ogre Full Game
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In the final part of episode 3, we play through a full game of Ogre on a GEV map to show you how it is all put together.  We use 30 strength of infantry and 40 strength of armour per side, hidden deployment (done prior to starting the video), and play through a raid scenario.

I hope you all get a chance to watch!  See you next time for episode 3 that will be about Muskets & Tomahawks!


  1. Enjoyed the Orge demo. My sister used to work for Steve Jackson Games back in the 80s! Huge excited about the M&T series!

    1. Thanks. That's awesome ... back in the 80's ... she must know Ogre then :-) I'm looking forward to the M&T episode as well!