Monday, January 13, 2014

GameTime Quicky #2 - B-Wing Conversion

Hello all,

Quicky #2 just posted up to YouTube and covers converting a B-Wing from the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game.  The conversion makes the OOB static pose fully rotating, including the cockpit!  Check out the video!

Direct link:

Or you can watch it below (note that you should select 1080p for the highest video quality/resolution).

You can check out the results below:



  1. Thanks for posting....I have been hesitant to do this, but this video makes it look easy. I already have the magnets and just ordered a jewelers saw.

    Too bad we are so far away looking at your other blog posts we have many of the same gaming interests.

    1. I was sitting right by the camera to whole time ... it isn't that difficult at all ... I would myself use a vice to hold the B-Wing while I saw off the cockpit ... I think that would make getting the cut finer and straighter easier (at least, that is what I plan to do with my B-Wings).

      If you ever find yourself in northern California (SF bay area) ... :-)