Monday, January 27, 2014

German Checkpoint

Hello all,

Just a quicky - I finished up my German checkpoint over the weekend.  This will be used in my west front town setup I'm working on ... it is nice to have some small little parts like this to add a little flavor to the town and break up the monotony of the buildings and such.  Pictures below.

NOTE: Not speaking any German myself (clearly!) I just followed the lines that are burned into the wood ... which includes the two dots above the "A" in "HALT" --- I've since filled in the two dots and now it is properly German.  Thanks to those who pointed it out! :-)

Finished up the checkpoint.
The shack and guard rail is from 4Ground.
  The road part was done using the cobblestone
template and base render from 4Ground's
15mm line (made it wider for 28mm).

On the board, the road lines up with the modular
cobblestone roads I have - it just inserts between
two of the sections.

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