Monday, February 16, 2015

DundraCon 2015 Report

Hello all,

I've been a bit quiet lately --- primarily because my wife recently donated her kidney and so I've been taking care of her and busy with that (but we are quickly getting past it now) --- but fear not, my wargaming projects are making progress even in the absence of blog posts.

This last weekend was my long awaited trip to a local convention called DundraCon.  This convention is primarily a RPG convention but they are trying to expand their miniatures footprint and reached out to me at CelestiCon so I decided I would help them out and run some games.

Roy Scaife, Dan Kerrick and John Lantz all come along for the fun and we ran three games throughout the weekend:
  • Friday we ran SAGA - Battle in the Great Hall.  This was a 4 player mash up (4 x 6pt armies) fighting around the impressive 4Ground Viking great hall.
  • Saturday we ran Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge (same as I ran at CelestiCon).  This was the last appearance of the Pegasus Bridge scenario for a while.
  • Sunday we ran Dead Man's Hand around a bank robbery scene.

For both SAGA and Dead Man's Hand we had new terrain on display.  I was very happy with both the turn out (we ran essentially each game twice and had to turn people away as we were full up for all instances).  I painted two new Dead Man's Hand gangs just in time for this convention - the Pinkertons and the Outlaws (to add to my Lawmen and Desperados).

In addition to the miniature games I played many board games - some new ones that I ended up buying.  Flash Point (cooperative firefighting game) was a hit and lots of fun.  Sheriff of Nottingham was another fun game.  There is a small game company in California here called Lumenaris - I bought two of their games - The Golden Wilderness and Vikings on the Volga.  Both are fun games.  The Golden Wilderness is about settling California back when the Spanish still were in charge and Vikings on the Volga is about being a Viking in Russia ... trading or burning and pillaging ... but trying to make money either way.  Both games are reasonable priced and the game components are high quality (for both the tiles are laser cut MDF with printed maps on them).

Pictures below of the weekend action.

The great hall is indeed GREAT!

The entrance is impressive.  This is Roy's model - he
based it on two bases that link together so he can
fit it in his storage bins.

My Vikings ready to rumble.

My newest warband - the Irish -- they did very well in
both games.

Pagan Rus preparing for battle.

Anglo-Danes itching for a fight.

The interior of the great hall.

You've all seen lots of pictures on my blog of
my Pegasus Bridge game ... so just one here
to show the first set of participants getting ready
to engage in battle.

Dead Man's Hand starting up.

The interior of the bank is exposed while the bad
guys try to make off with the loot.

That's all for now --- I need to get pictures of my new Dead Man's Hand gangs I painted up and pictures of the Irish SAGA warband ... I'll work on those two posts this week.


  1. Beautiful scenery and painted figures. What a thrill it must be to wage war on such fine layouts. Thanks for the post.

  2. Those are some great looking games. I hope everyone had fun.