Sunday, March 13, 2016

General Update - 3.13.2016

Yikes, not a lot of blogging lately!  Rest assured that I'm still alive and well.  The last 3-4 weeks have been consumed by my real life.  A layoff transpired at my workplace (I'm still gainfully employed) which caused a big ruckus, along with a plumbing fail and some other kid/house related things that required significant time investment from me.  Anyways, enough of that!

Funny enough, in addition to all that, I had a strange desire to go back and rewatch all of "The Guild" - which I did.  It reminded me of one of the best Vork quotes there is ...

If you have not watched The Guild - you should.  I'm not an online gamer by any means (I barely play any games on a computer/console), but being a gamer I can relate and it is funny.  Anyways ...

I started into some wargaming spring cleaning and stumbled upon some stuff that has distracted me ... squirrel!  My Zulu war efforts had to be pushed out until the year end due to painting schedules and such.  Right now my mind has shifted to what to bring to KublaCon.  I think it will be Bolt Action WW2 ... maybe modern ... maybe Muskets & Tomahawks ... not sure yet --- I don't have much more time to submit a game though so I'll decide very soon.  I have been wanting to play a M&T game ... that is going to happen soon regardless of other plans :-)

I need to get my butt in gear on Omaha Beach ... I've decided I'll contract out the beach obstacles and landing craft to one of my local guys here ... after that it is just a matter of me building the two main bunkers.

My distraction - well, there will be a separate post about that in the next day or so ... or maybe later today ... hummm.

I think I may also post up some things I want to sell ... cleaning out the cupboards I've discovered lots of stuff I don't need or will just never get around to doing.  E.g. I have a crapload of Warlord Roman's that I don't need (never really have been that into ancients as a period).

Ok, so getting back in the saddle now ... and I've been painting stuff (another reason I've not been blogging).  I do want to start doing some videos again and some posts of how to paint/do certain effects and such.

For those of you who continue to "tune in" --- thank you!


  1. "Squirrel!" - For many of us! LoL!

  2. I'm right there with you regarding the spring cleaning, though I've been putting everything up on Fee bay. It does feel good to get rid of the stuff I know I will never build or use, good luck! Plus, it'll give me extra money to throw towards Great Escape Games new 1930's gangster style game they are releasing next month :) I've been told think of 'The Untouchables' as a fast paced DMH style game with the cards, gangs, and vehicles too!

    1. Oooo, I hadn'the seen that. Huge fan of the Untouchables. Going to the Web now to find out more ...

  3. Know how ordinarya life can take all hobby time... Nice that you are back !