Friday, April 7, 2017

McPherson's Ridge Update

This is a **work in progress** update --- rather than doing a general update I figured I would focus on my preparations and final work for my play test of my McPherson's Ridge scenario on April 22nd.

UPDATE:  Battle report can be seen here.

First up is my Seminary College model.  This is from Sally 4th and is just one outstanding model (and I suppose the center piece for my terrain in this scenario).  I'm working to finish up the roofing tiles and waiting on a few missing parts for one of the end walls (loosely fitted in place until I get those parts).

Earlier in progress photo - still working on the
sides for the other half when I took this picture.  The
Union dismounted cavalry gives you an idea of the scale.

The end is in sight.  I was missing some parts
for the right side "end" wall - waiting for the missing
parts to show up - hopefully next week.  Until then
that end wall on the right side is just loose fitted into
the model.

Roofing is in progress but I couldn't help but
throw it out on the table for a picture or two.  The right
side end wall is still loose fitted in place until
I get my missing parts.

Another angle ... coming together.  Will need
to finish the base edges with tufts, flowers and static grass.

Two buildings I had completed for my Pickett's Charge
game and will reuse in this scenario.

Union cavalry on the table to be based.  Berdan's
Sharpeshooters are also there getting based for
the Little Round Top game.  In the back you can
see Buford and my Chamberlain model.

Union artillery crew and limber team (still need to finish
painting the limber and guns).  Two additional
Confederate infantry units also waiting to be based.

A few weeks ago - laying out the mat just after it had
arrived and getting and idea of how it will all
come together.

Here are some pictures of the setup --- about done the Seminary College as you've seen above - and I've started painting the house nearest the Seminary College model --- but it is still mostly primer black at the moment.

Finally, the last of my snake rail fencing.  I managed to pick up three more of the Lemax snake rail fence kits from Ebay.  I'm in the process of trimming down the tops of the cross beams and getting them primed brown before they get a drybrush of grey and some static grass.  These will allow me to fill out the fencing around the Seminary College grounds.

As I mentioned earlier - I have my play test of this scenario set for April 22nd - so just about two more weeks to finish everything up.  My Little Round Top scenario will be the next one to wrap up --- however that doesn't require any additional troops that will not already been done for this scenario (basing Berdan's Sharpshooters along with the other stuff for McPherson's Ridge).  The mat for the scenario is in progress and I've been collecting the rocks I need to scatter about the table and do Devil's Den.  So ... lot's going on.

Stay tuned for the play test in a couple of weeks.


  1. Awesome! Very impressive stuff Jay.

  2. Table is looking fantastic, Jay!

  3. Beautiful all-around modeling. The scenery is an excellent sight to behold.

  4. Will you be weathering the seminary after the final parts come in?

    1. Oh, you and your weathering! ;-) I'll be thinking about that once I get the other building done. The college wasn't all that old by this point ... a little over 30 years ... but enough to have some weathering --- if anything I need to lighten up the bottom grey colour ... too dark ... but I may stick with it. But, all that being said ... I'll be bugging you for ideas on the weather Mr. master vehicle painter! ;-)

  5. Just brilliant! On the bucket list is to play one of your ACW games with you GM-ing :) - though all 3 of the Gettysburg scenario's would be even better.
    How is sourcing the rocks for Devil's Den going?

    1. Yes!!! Come to KublaCon in May (memorial day weekend ... stones throw from San Francisco airport)!!! Running all three plus other games from the group ;-)

      Rocks are a go ... found more than enough now. :-)

  6. I found that the quarry rocks that are used in construction are easy to come by. They are usually the rocks they pile up after project and buried. Free stuff always rocks, no pun intended! Devil's Den is finished for the most part. It will be with you shortly.

    1. Thanks David --- yes, turns out my neighbor frequents a rock quarry nearby and he loaded me up with a bunch ;-) Awesome, looking forward to seeing the completed mat --- rounding out the three scenarios :-) Thanks for all your awesome work!

  7. Jay, you don't do things by half, everything from the purpose made terrain mat, to the buildings and fences look superb. I look forward to seeing pictures of your troops fighting over it all.

    1. Thanks Pat!! Saturday game with pics to follow :-)

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