Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Orc Blood Bowl Team

Getting there will Blood Bowl.  I know this is a departure from the historical stuff I do ... but Blood Bowl is a nice side game of whackiness that plays quick and involves little investment.  I had the super talented Mark Brooks paint these guys up for me while I've been busy getting ACW terrain and basing done (more on that very soon!).

Mark took these pictures below ... these guys are also sitting on my desk in the basing pile at the moment.

Painted By:  Mark Brooks

The whole team.

First 8 - Front

First 8 - Rear

Last 8 - Front

Last 8 - Rear

I also have a Chaos Dwarf team that is sitting in Mark's painting queue at the moment.

On the last little bit of my Seminary College model ... will be posting that up soon along with some other ACW terrain I've just about finished.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ... really happy with how they came out.

  2. They look great - tried Bloodbowl the other week - its a bit of fun

    Pray tell - do you paint your own figures or just get others to do them for you?

    1. Mix ... my blood bowl team I farmed out. I've been busy with other projects. I find painters who can match my painting style then divide and conquer. I also paint slower ... as I bounce between doing terrain and painting figures. Not really consistent --- I define a project I want to get done then figure out what I'm going to do myself and what I'm going to send out (and to whom I'll send it).

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