Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Labeling Bases (Templates)

I still have another French light infantry and another line infantry to base but my new Napoleonic units are at least on bases now.  I have to replace standard poles, get flags on and finish the bases, but steady progress this week.

New Napoleonic units to add to my collection.

I figured I would share a good resource in this post since I'm in the process of basing my new Napoleonic units.  I label almost everything I have.  I use "Avery" labels of different sizes depending on what I am labeling ...

One of my Napoleonic French units - given the density
of some of the bases and in some cases the specific
organization (e.g. Grenadiers on the right), the order
in which the unit forms line matters (for fit and function).
I not only label the unit so I know which bases all go
together, but also I use small squares to indicate which
place the base goes in when this unit is in line.

Some of my modern figures with labels telling me
which team they belong to and their armaments.

Much of the time the labels are just basic but sometimes I get specific national icons and include those as well - just to be a little fancier.  Below is an example of the Napoleonic icons I use ...

I've found that you can achieve all your labeling needs with essentially three products:

  • Avery Labels 5408 - 20mm round
  • Avery Labels 5278 - 40mm round
  • Avery Labels 22805 - 40mm by 40mm square

In order to speed you on your way and save you some effort, I've posted my templates up for all to download:
It's always a good time to get organized - enjoy!