Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Few Acres Of Snow FIW Boardgame

Although not miniatures related this is a great board game that covers the French and Indian War without needing an advanced degree in history and economics. "A Few Acres of Snow" puts the players in control of New France and England in the struggle to control North America.

No dice, this is a card driven game and I would hazard to say you can pick up the rules in a single sitting - call your first game to be around 2 hours if you are slow.  It has been very intelligently put together - where expansion across a broad landscape favors the French strategy while population build up and interior conquest favors the British strategy.

I've played this game several times now and it has been enjoyable in each session - I highly recommend it if you are looking for a "light" board game that covers the period of the FIW.  Pictures below -- the cards, wooden components, and game board are all of quality production.

Main box - call it "bookshelf" size.

Initial game setup (looking from the French side).

A closer look at the game board.  Each side can engage in
a single siege at a time.  The blue/grey/red tracks on
 the lower left side of the picture are the tracks that indicate
who is winning a siege that can last over the course of several turns.

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