Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Progress On Several Fronts

In case you think I've been asleep at the wheel ... I have been making steady progress on several fronts with my French and Indian War projects.

French Siege Position
The position itself is now complete, the French artillery crews are complete, and I've started painting the guns (of which there are four, one is complete).  My previous post on building the position can be found here.  This is the main position that is for my Fort William Henry scenario.  Once I wrap up this and the British fort guns I'll start play testing the scenario I've put together.  Pictures below.

British Artillery Crews and Fort Guns
The British artillery crew are painted but in need of basing.  I have the fort guns cleaned and ready to go once I wrap up the French siege guns.

4Ground FIW Buildings
I ordered and got in my 4Ground buildings from their American Legends range.  They currently offer four buildings - a New England Pioneer's Cabin, New France Pioneer's Cabin, New England Settlers Cabin, and Log Timber Block House.  I must say they've done it again, another great set of buildings that go together easy and look spectacular.  Pictures are below of the assembled "out of the box" buildings.  I sat down and watched a movie while I put them together and managed to put all four sets together in an afternoon.  Since I already have several buildings (Pegasus Hobbies) that are painted I will actually be basing and painting these buildings to match my exists set.  I'll also be building a small palisade for the block house.

I also wrapped up my SAGA Viking 6pt warband and will be doing a separate post on that when I get a chance.  Lots of great stuff to come in 2013 - I'm looking forward to finally putting on my Fort William Henry game and seeing the fort in action.


  1. Some great looking models. Wouldn't like to meet those ladies the way they can hold up that house. lol

  2. Love the bases on the french. They look amazing.

  3. great work loving your F&IW project
    Peace James

  4. Fantastic pictures! I do like your wonderful house, the minis, the overall presentation, and the fortifications...love the wheelbarrow too! Well, in fact, all is great, a fabulous work...I'll come back!

    1. Thanks for the kinda words Phil ... do come back :-)