Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Battle Report 1/20/2013 - SAGA

Still at my local game store (after playing Muskets and Tomahawks and a couple of board games) and with enough time to easily play a game of SAGA, we setup and got underway.  We played the scenario "challenge" where each Warlord starts the game in the middle of the table with the other units starting within M of their respective table edges.

The Anglo-Danes fielded:

1 x Warlord
4 x Hearthguard
4 x Hearthguard
8 x Warriors
8 x Warriors

The Vikings fielded:

1 x Warlord
4 x Hearthguard (Berserkers)
4 x Hearthguard
4 x Heardguard
8 x Warriors

We moved up our units but both sides ultimately focused SAGA dice allocation on melee abilities for the Warlords.  Each Warlord starts the game with 12 wounds so as to make them last as normally, without any willing friendlies around to jump in front of mortal blows, they would die very quickly.

Some epic combinations of abilities saw each side rolling lots of melee dice but the fatigue took it's toll with armour values and ultimately each Warlord lost a few wounds a round on average.  What really turned the tide was the Vikings got a unit of Warriors within range for their Warlord to take advantage of his Resiliency ability - and that was it - the Anglo-Danish Warlord was still without support and just couldn't sustain the hits.

Pictures below.

Table setup.

The warlords start their challenge.

Deployment of supporting unit.

Both Warloads slug it out in epic fashion - both sides
plugged lots of dice into SAGA abilities for melee.

The Vikings manage to get up
some "fodder" first, turning the tide.

It pays off - the Anglo-Danish Warlord
is killed - revenge from the last game!