Saturday, January 12, 2013

North American Fences

A little while ago I purchased some split rail fencing from All The Kings Men (ATKM).  Now the miniatures and terrain range is specifically for 40mm - and they have a nice AWI range (they do War of 1812 and Napoleonic's as well).  What caught my eye while browsing was the split rail fencing offered under the terrain section.  I knew it would be a bit large for 28mm but I was curious --- 24" for $10 ... that isn't bad for pre-assembled fences.

I ordered three or four sets (can't really remember now).  When I got them they were clearly to large for 28mm ... but if I cut them down they would work great.  So I did up a sample and it came out great and was perfect for 28mm!  I followed a four step process (see pictures/notes below).

Fencing "out of the box" with ropes and little birds.
 Step 1:  Remove the ropes and birds from the fencing.

Step 1:  I've removed the ropes and birds.
Step 2: Remove top "cross beams" and trim the "X" supports down.

Step 2: Trimmed down fencing.
Step 3: Paint the fencing.  It comes "pre-painted" (sort of) in a darker brown stain.  I base coat all the wood with GW Rhinox Hide (Scorched Earth) which goes on easy.  Next I drybrush GW Steel Legion Drab (Graveyard Earth) followed by Foundry Base Sand 10C (can also use GW Ushabti Bone or what was Bleached Bone).

Step 4: I static grass the base.  On some of the fencing the "sand" on the base envelopes the fence junction (I only had a couple like this).  I used Woodland Scenic's clump foliage over the built-up sand areas to make it look like a bush had grown in.

Completed 28mm fencing.

Completed 28mm fencing.
Size comparison before modification.

Size comparison after modification.

The whole process doesn't take that long at all and for the price you get a lot of fencing (putting them together takes a lot of time ... so this is big cost savings in my book).

Hope that helps for anyone who wants to expand their fencing pool.

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