Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bolt Action Modern - v3.0 Update

Finally got this finished ... phew!!  Calling this version 3.0 and it takes into account the updates released in the Bolt Action WW2 v2.0 rules.

Edit:  Replaced with the version 3.1 update (link below points to the new file).  See this post for more information.

If you are familiar with the previous versions, take a close read.  Many of the changes in the v2.0 BA rules accounted for changes I had made before - or they changed how I needed them modified for modern.  E.g. - vehicle AT weapons shooting at buildings is integrated into the units in buildings table.  I've also attempted to simplify a little bit (but not too much).

I've toyed with adding in Random Events ... if I figure that out sometime soon I'll publish a v3.1 - which will also happen if y'all point out any typos.  If you do see them let me know and I will fix them.  I've not updated the army lists just yet ... but it shouldn't be too far off from what they are today ... primarily I need to reconcile the special rules assigned to various units.  Along those lines, take note that the rules for advanced armour and ammunition are changed.

So stay tuned for any updates as we all move forward with these.

You can download the rules from here (updated with the link to v3.1 - download army lists here).

Pictures below of the new pages (prints off into three x double sided sheets).


  1. Backblast you say?


    Doh. Looks like you haven't enabled images in the comments. :(

  2. Where can I get the army lists for this? :)

    1. Most recent are here:

  3. Thank you for sharing Jay. You are a special breed of Miniature gamer!


  4. These look really interesting, Jay. thanks for sharing!

  5. There is also scenarios? I don't find them...

    1. Ummm ... not sure what you mean? I have battle reports posted on this blog that show some scenarios ... otherwise it is left up to you. The basic scenarios from the BA rulebook could be used I think ... but I encourage you to design proper scenarios along the lines that are covered here: