Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bolt Action Modern - v3.1 Update

Ok - got around to this sooner than expected.  I finally managed to get all the changes I wanted into this version.  This should hold us all down for some time barring any overlooked typos.  I'm starting into the army lists - which will need several updates based on this version.

You can download the rules from here.

Army lists available here.

Some key changes included now:

  • Fixed some typos.
  • Add Ultra-Heavy tanks and AT guns.
  • Increased PEN values for many weapons.
  • Expanded the Close Combat section (as it was in v2.0).
  • Added Chemical Attacks optional rules.
  • Added Supports rules (been wanting to do this for a while).
    • Includes supports for irregulars and regulars.
  • Revamped rules for Drones.
  • Revamped rules for Close Air Support (CAS).
  • Updates rules for Smoke Dischargers (moved from army lists into the vehicle special rules).
  • Added Back Blast Area weapons special rule.
  • Added Anti Aircraft Gun and Anti Aircraft Missile weapons special rules.

I think that covers it - plus the changes from v3.0 (changes to advanced armour, advance ammo, etc.).  Pictures of the sheets below.


  1. Thanks Jay!

    In 3.2 will you alphabetize the special rules? ;)

    1. lol ... I might ... they've gone through several rounds of "fitting into the available space" ... so will try to clean it up later.

  2. Thanks Jay, saw your post on TMP. I will try these with my Vietnam collection.

  3. G'day Mate. Fantastic work. Typo with the Australians. Should be M113AS4 and can you please add an entry for the new Hawkei.

    1. Done, fixed and added (re-download to get it).

  4. I play your earlier version of Modern BA a lot so am looking for to giving this update a go. Thanks again for posting and sharing these with all of us.