Monday, March 6, 2017

General Update - March 6th, 2017

Hello all!

Figured I'd share a general update on various projects that are underway.

KublaCon Game Convention

The next convention for me is KulbaCon in May (Memorial day weekend).  This is the largest convention of the year and in the local area.  At this convention I'll be presenting my Gettysburg series of games:

Friday @ 1PM:  Pickett's Charge
Saturday @ 3PM:  McPherson's Ridge
Sunday @ 3PM:  Little Round Top

I know ... would have been great to get them all "in order" for all three days ... but scheduling and order of other games it is better to run Pickett's Charge on Friday for me.  Plus ... the others in my group are also running games I'll be playing in:

Saturday @ 9AM:  Radio Free Zambia (Bolt Action Modern with Chinese PLA peace keepers fighting local rebels)
Sunday @ 9AM:  Battle at Roncevaux Pass (July, 1813 Napoleonic's game using Empires at War)
Friday @ 6PM:  Battle of Borodino (focused around the redoubt - using Empires at War)

So essentially me and my group are running miniatures games constantly from about 1PM on Friday through to Sunday evening.  It is going to be a heck of a lot of fun.

Gettysburg - McPherson's Ridge

As you have seen I posted the scenario for this game already.  I have the mat for the game and have almost all the foam cut for the hills and such.  I need to paint some more buildings (Seminary College is in progress, and another farm house type building).  You can see the mat below.  The second picture shows the outline/base for Seminary College.

McPherson's Ridge mat

Adding the foam under for the hills and the base
for Seminary College

Besides terrain, I need to finish basing my Union cavalry and some additional Confederate infantry units.  I'm painting the guns and limbers now for the new artillery battery.

More troops - need basing!

You can see I have some Berdan's Sharpeshooters in this batch ... along with a model for Col. Chamberlain ... those are for the Little Round Top scenario.  In total there are three Union cavalry units (one is already based/complete - not pictured).

Basing in progress on some ...

My buddy Roy is running a play test of the Battle at Roncevaux Pass in a couple of weeks - I'll be play testing McPherson's Ridge in early-mid April (2 or 3 weekends after Roy's game).  We'll also be play testing Borodino later in April.

Helm's Deep

As mentioned before the first batch of Elves and men arrived from the talented Steve Dake.  I've just started the basing on these guys (sand and base coats in small groups).  I'm picking away at the groups in between preparations for my Gettysburg stuff.  The model for Helm's Deep hasn't had much more done to it - on purpose though ... I got a good chunk done --- and will return to finish it after clearing the stuff I need done for KublaCon.  I'll be looking to try and run Helm's Deep in September/October of this year - still a crap load of Uruk-Hai to get painted.

LOTR first wave of stuff - men and elves

Blood Bowl

Last but not least is my Orc Blood Bowl team.  They are in need of basing which is about half done (sanded and based coated ... need to drybrush and tuft the bases).  I'll be posting better/more detailed pictures of these guys later this week after I finish the basing.  Mark Brooks did an absolutely stunning job on these guys!  I've sent along my Chaos Dwarf team which I'm also looking forward to fielding -- they are in the Mark queue now.

So there you have it ... stuff has been happening.  I'll also admit to being a bit lazy this past month as well (despite the game convention).  I've watched a little too much TV ... a few new series had distracted me but I've gotten through most of that.

I'll should have several posts up this week as I wrap up the basing and get a few other things done.  First up will be the scenario for the Battle at Roncevaux Pass that Roy wrote up.

Happy gaming everyone!


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! The three days at Gettysburg is going to be nothing short of epic!! Chamberlain looks fantastic - is that a Perry model? And wow, the details on the shields of the men and the flags!!

    1. Thanks Ivor!! Yes, I've really been looking forward to the "series" for some time. The Chamberlain model is from Redoubt --- which sucks because he was the only one available when I ordered ... but now there are nicer version available ... oh well ... he is painted and based ... so hard to beat that! :-)

  2. Sounds like the convention will be a lot of fun. Lots of great looking miniatures there!