Monday, March 6, 2017

Scenario: Battle at Roncevaux Pass – July 25th, 1813

This scenario has been written up by Roy Scaife.  We'll be play testing it in a couple of weeks and Roy will be running it at the KublaCon game convention in May.

Battle at Roncevaux Pass – July 25th, 1813

In late July of 1813 the British army, under the command of Marquis Arthur Wellesley, has numerous forces engaged to assault San Sebastian and besiege Pamplona. Protecting his northeastern flank is a thin line of troops spread over a wide front. On July 25th, the French armies led by Marshall Soult, launched a surprise offensive through the Pyrenees at Roncevaux Pass to breakthrough and relieve the siege at Pamplona.

Map, Terrain and Special Rules

The game lasts for 8 turns. The French have the Initiative.  Below is the scenario map.  This is played on a 6 foot by 8 foot table using 28mm miniatures.

  • Premeasuring – Players are free to measure distances at any time they wish, whether it is their turn or not.
  • Woods – Must be in Skirmish formation to enter, move through, or leave. All movement through woods is normal pace (cannot Run). Shooting at units in the woods counts as obscured (-1D6 to shooting dice).
  • Hills – The slopes of the hills count as Difficult ground (cannot Run). Hilltops are Impassible. Hills do not modify shooting, order tests, or morale tests. Units shooting from the slope of a hill may shoot over friendly units provided the friendly unit is 6” away and all friendly units are 6” in away from the target unit.

Order of Battle, British 

C-in-C:  General Arthur Wellesley

1st Infantry Brigade (Picton) 
  • 1st Foot Guards - Grenadiers
  • 79th Line - Cameron Highlanders
  • 42nd Line - Royal Highlanders
  • 95th Rifles
  • Royal Foot Artillery

2nd Infantry Brigade (Zayas)
  • Grenadiers - Spanish
  • Reina Line - Spanish 
  • Granada Line - Spanish 
  • 10th Hussars (Light)

3rd Infantry Brigade (Beresford)
  • 3rd Foot Guards - Scots
  • 92nd Line – Gordon Highlanders
  • 71st Line – Glasgow Highlanders
  • 60th Rifles
  • Royal Foot Artillery

4th Infantry Brigade (Trant)
  • 9th Cazadores Light - Portuguese
  • 9th Viana Line Regiment - Portuguese
  • 21st Valenza Line Regiment - Portuguese
  • 1st Light Dragoons - Portuguese

Order of Battle, French

C-in-C:  Marshall Soult

1st Infantry Brigade (Rielle)
  • 1st Light
  • 114th Line
  • 48th Line
  • 11th Line
  • Foot Artillery

2nd Infantry Brigade (Maucune) 
  • 5th Light
  • 7th Line
  • 116th Line
  • 17th Line
  • Light Cavalry

4th Infantry Brigade (Maransin)
  • 21st Light
  • 14th Line
  • 4th Line
  • 19th Line
  • Foot Artillery

5th Infantry Brigade (Abbe)
  • 8th Light
  • 17th Line
  • 35th Line
  • 44th Line
  • Light Dragoons

Victory Conditions

The side with the most Steady or Worn units on the enemy’s side of the battlefield wins. Shaken units are not counted. If both sides have the same number of Steady or Worn units on the enemy’s side of the battlefield count victory points to determine a winner.
  • +1 for each Steady or Worn infantry or cavalry regiment on the enemy’s side
  • +½ for each Steady or Worn infantry company on the enemy’s side
Victory points are awarded as follows:
  • +3 VP for each Broken infantry or cavalry regiment. 
  • +2 VP for each Broken artillery or light company.
  • +1 VP for each enemy unit that is currently Shaken.


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a great game! Tell Roy best of luck!

    1. Thanks Ivor --- I'm looking forward to playing this game ... will be playing the Frenchies :-)

  2. How do you organise your units ?