Monday, May 1, 2017

ACW Scenario: Casey's Redoubt

As I wrap up the third and final scenario and game for Gettysburg, I look beyond to other engagements in the civil war.  Alas, here is my next scenario.  I will be running this game at the PacifiCon Game Expo in Santa Clara, CA on the weekend of September 1-4, 2017.

Battle of Fair Oaks (Seven Pines) - May 31, 1862

I wanted to do an engagement that was unique.  During the battle of Fair Oaks, there was a great action around a Union position containing a redoubt.  Also known as Seven Pines, the redoubt was called Casey's Redoubt after the Union general commanding the 3rd Division of the 4th Corps.  The Confederate forces ended up storming the position and forcing the Union troops to withdraw some 15 miles beyond the position.

There are technically more units involved than are represented in the scenario (for both sides), but the units I have involved in the scenario offer game balance for a force that is assaulting a fixed position.  It also reflects the potential for a historical outcome for the engagement.

Lastly, one of the key reasons I wanted to do this battle was the presence of heavy artillery in the redoubt.  For visual purposes, I'll exaggerate these into siege guns, and not just siege guns on a normal chassis but the fixed position guns because they look cool and I've wanted to use them in a game.  I bought several models from T.A. Miniatures for this purpose.

Storming Casey's redoubt.

Very cool siege guns from T.A. Miniatures below ...

100pdr Parrott Rifled Gun

32Pdr on Barbette Carriage

I also picked up some siege guns from Perry Miniatures ...

Siege gun from Perry Miniatures.

Scenario Map and Deployment

The table used for this game is 6 foot by 8 foot.  The map below shows the table layout and initial deployments for all units involved.

The areas denoted with fallen trees are considered difficult terrain, as are the forested areas.  The black lines extending either side of the redoubt represent a shallow entrenchment (or simple breastworks) that counts as a defended obstacle.  The redoubt is a fortified position (counts as cover, with saves from shooting increased to 4+).  The field (top left) with units from Garland's brigade counts as difficult ground (the field wasn't cleared at this point).

The twin houses located behind the redoubt are famous landmarks from this battle.  Nobody sells these in 28mm so I'll have to scratch build them, but that will not be all that difficult.  Some pictures of the twin houses below.

Union Order of Battle

3rd division of the 4th corps and a fixed position battery at Casey's redoubt.

Confederate Order of Battle

D.H. Hill's Division from the Confederate left wing (Longstreet).

Special Rules and Victory Conditions

The game lasts 8 turns.
  • Siege Guns:  The picture below shows the shooting stats for siege guns.  Additionally, just for this scenario, when shooting, siege guns can divide shooting dice between up to three different valid targets.  Determine all modifiers before dividing dice and divide dice across targets before rolling to hit.

  • Immobile:  The Union siege artillery positioned in the redoubt cannot be moved (includes "prolonging" the guns).

Standard victory conditions apply with the following additions:
  • Casey's Redoubt counts at 10 VPs for whichever side occupy's the position at the end of the game.


  1. What's next? Morris Island and the 300 pounders?

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