Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Napoleonic Scenario: Shevardino Redoubt

Here is the scenario for the Shevardino Redoubt.  Dan Kerrick and I will be play testing this scenario this coming Saturday so stay tuned for pictures of that game.

Shevardino Redoubt (Borodino) - September 5, 1812

Although most like to focus on the grand redoubt at Borodino, there was also a rather involved battle around the Shevardino Redoubt.  4 brigades from the French 5th division are to push straight at the redoubt in an effort to overrun the position and silence the guns.  The Russians have Jager units deployed forward of the redoubt to slow the French advance while the core of the infantry is positioned behind the redoubt.

Map and Initial Deployments

This game is played on a 6 foot by 10 foot table.  Terrain layout and initial unit deployments are shown in the picture below.  Units located in the redoubt gain a regular cover save of 5+.  Units defending the "front" part of the redoubt count as being at a defended obstacle.  Do not apply any special modifiers if units in the redoubt are engaged from the rear (across a part of the redoubt that is not crossing the breastworks).  Units that have been pushed back and are not positioned at the breastworks will gain a cover bonus but with the normal 5+ shooting save, and do not count as defending an obstacle in melee.  All fields and roads count as open terrain.  The town counts as open terrain while the buildings are impassable.

The Russian musketeer regiments behind the redoubt cannot activate (move) until turn 3.

Russian Order of Battle

27th infantry division (C-in-C:  GM Dmitrii Neverovski).

French Order of Battle

5th infantry division (C-inC:  GdD Compans).

Special Rules and Victory Conditions

This game lasts 8 turns.  At the end of turn 8, roll 1D6.  On a result of 3+ play a 9th turn.  At the end of turn 9, roll 1D6.  On a result of 5+ play a 10th and final turn.

This scenario uses the following special rules:

  • Stoic - Russian units with this rule gain +1D3 to all morale tests taken as a result of shooting casualties.  Note this bonus is only for shooting related morale tests and does not apply to morale tests taken for any other reason.

Standard victory conditions apply, with the following additions:

  • The side with the majority control of the redoubt at games end gains +15 victory points.  To determine control, for each unit located (even partially) in the redoubt, add the units break value, minus current number of hits.  If one side is great by a margin of 10 or more, it has control of the redoubt.  Otherwise, the redoubt is contested and no points are awarded.


  1. I have been looking forward to this scenario, since the board creation. I, also, would like to see the painted Redoubt from Grand Manner.

    1. Just getting ready to post up the battle report :-)