Thursday, May 11, 2017

Making Scenario Maps with PowerPoint

Just a quicky today folks.

I've created a short (ish) video on how I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create my scenario maps.

Since I'm the farthest thing from an artist and can't create jaw dropping maps I looked to an easier way to build out my scenario maps ... using PowerPoint.

So in the spirit of sharing my lack of skills I've put up a video that hopefully you'll find useful ... unless of course you are an artist.  Embedded version below ... and link below that ...

You can watch this video here:

You can download the scenario template file here: (this is also in the new downloads widget on the right side of the blog, bottom of the list)


  1. I just love powerpoint - use it for everything from making flags, casrds and maps. Nice job on the video

    1. Thanks! Yes ... an often overlooked and powerful tool :-)

  2. Just crossing the "T's" and dotting the "I's" on that Lifetime Achievement award LOL! Very helpful, great stuff as always Jay!