Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dead Man's Hand - Three New Gangs Painted

I actually painted up these three gangs for KublaCon this past May but just get around to taking pictures and doing the post until now.  I added three gangs to my collection:  Pinkertons, US Cavalry and Outlaws (already have Desperados and Lawmen).  Some of you may recall me posting the step-by-step painting guide for one of the US Cavalry models.

I'm really happy with how they came out ... yes, I exaggerate the eyes as it looks nice (to me) when on the tabletop (but looks very odd/overdone in the pictures).

So ... on to the pictures ...


These guys fill out my good guy gangs and are great for stage coach or bank robbery scenarios.  I used a unique coloured scarf or tie for each model so I can tell them apart.

Painting:  Jay White (me)


These guys fill out my bad guy gangs.

Painting: Jay White (me)

US Cavalry

More good guys here.  I know the scarfs are not historically all yellow - but I like uniformity and it makes me happier to have them this way.

Painting:  Jay White (me)

There you have it ... three new gangs to add to the pile.  I do have more to paint here but have prioritized other projects for the moment.  Looking forward to playing more Dead Man's Hand over the summer.


  1. Nice! I like what you did with the Charlie Prince figure, and I'm with you regarding the cavalry scarfs.

  2. So many beautiful details...excellent job!

  3. Great work, I really like whet you did with them.