Saturday, June 27, 2015

Robotech RPG Tactics - Zentraedi Force

Hello all,

I just picked up a recent commission I had done for my Robotech RPG Tactics forces.  This is the first wave of my Zentraedi forces.  My initial goal is to have:

1 x Recon Squadron (70pts)
-- 1 x Glaug
-- 1 x Quel-Regult
-- 6 x Regult

1 x Attack Squadron (80pts)
-- 1 x Gluag
-- 9 x Regult

1 x Attack Squadron (80pts)
-- 1 x Gluag
-- 9 x Regult

1 x Artillery Squadron (90pts)
-- 4 x Gluuhaug-Regult
-- 2 x Seraugaug-Regult

1 x Quel-Gulnau (10pts)
-- 1 x Quel-Gulnau

Pictures below --- rather than just take the picture and post it, I've used the picture editing options in PowerPoint to clean up the images (brighten them and remove the background).  This first wave consists of 1 x Officer Pod, 1 x Recon Pod, 1 x Recovery Pod and 12 x Battle Pods.

Painting & Conversion:  Eric Leive

Kicking pose!

My second wave I'll have done will complete the list.  Once I get my forces for my next big Bolt Action game done I'll go back and wrap up the rest of my UEDF Valkyries I had started.  I will probably have the destroids (and another Valkyrie squadron) I want done contracted out just due to time constraints but we'll see - I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I'm still waiting on my table from Games & Gears - although they've been communicative so at least I believe the table may show up this summer at some point (I hear they are in the process of packing their Kickstarter orders ... which means I'll get mine following those shipments).  When the table finally does arrive I'll got finish building the rest of my 4Ground buildings and should have enough forces done to play a decent game of Robotech (finally!).


  1. Fantastic work - very inspirational! I particularly like your idea about basing a crushed car together with the batttlepod. Also, your idea about using the extended flight stand to mount a battlepod as if pushed backwards is really brilliant!

    1. Eric (the guy I commissioned them with) did an excellent job and was very creative with the conversions :-) I like the kicking pose as well but the car I think is my favorite.