Monday, June 29, 2015

General Update - 6.29.2015

On a bit of a roll catching up on blog posts in the last few days.  I've been busy at work building 4Ground buildings and British vehicles for the Hell's Highway scenario.  I'm focusing my time on the Hell's Highway scenario, but I have several other projects continuing along thanks to the efforts of the commission painters I use ... these projects are:

  • 28mm ACW - 4 new 30 figure units of Confederates are complete and heading my way shortly.
  • 1/300 Renaissance Naval - the most excellent Thomas Foss is working hard on my fleets for his Galleys, Guns & Glory! game - 42 ships in total covering Venetians, Knights of Malta, Spanish, Papal States and Turks.  You can see pictures of the game Thomas ran at KublaCon here.  Thomas also just recently finish the model for the most excellent Venetian Galleass (picture below ... more on his blog here).  The rules for this game should be published soon and I believe Thomas should have the ship models up for ordering from his website shortly as well.

Venetian Galleass
Image Credit:  Thomas Foss, Skull & Crown
Painted By:  Thomas Foss
(more pictures here)

  • Robotech RPG Tactics - you've seen the first wave that Eric painted but there is a second wave of Zentraedi in the pipeline to be completed (2 x Officer Pods, 12 x Battle Pods and 6 x Artillery Pods).
  • Hell's Highway, 28mm Bolt Action - I'm making lots of progress here ... building buildings and assembling tanks ... much more to do but more on this below.

I've managed to pull all the stuff for Hell's Highway together on my table.  Pictures and captions below provide an update/overview on progress.

Lots of stuff to do ... but considering all this was in boxes
not that long ago I've made some good progress here.

The British vehicles ready for painting.  I'm short two
universal carriers due to a parts mix up with Warlord Games,
but the needed parts should be arriving this week.  The 6pdr
will be used when "towing" the gun (already have the
dismounted gun team done).  These vehicles add to my
existing British vehicles to fill out the scenario OOB.

Going with some new vehicles for the Germans,
using the Rubicon models.  Looking forward to
assembling these next.  You can see the BergPanther
ARV at the bottom.

The 4Ground La Haye Sainte model - wow, this kit
was involved but a lot of fun to build.  I have a bunch
of roofing tiles to do here and I'll be painting the exposed
sides (need to order roofing tiles, don't have enough!).

The "Chateau" which will have a little yard and enclosure
around it when I'm done.  The 2 story corner ship will be
positioned near the bridge in the scenario.  Roofing
tiles and paint needed on both.

The remaining 4Ground buildings awaiting assembly
along with more telegraph poles. 

I'm looking to hopefully do the first play test of Hell's Highway on July 18th so I'll be pushing hard to get things into a playable state by then.  I'll of course post pictures of the game and any adjustments to the scenario.  That's about it for now - I have this week off due to a shutdown at work (do this each year) so I'm looking to use the time wisely to make progress.


  1. You don't do things by half. I have a feeling this little project of yours is going to be superb. Following the progress keenly.

    1. Thanks Pat! Your recent batch of vehicles is particularly inspiring at this stage :-)