Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bolt Action Modern Rules Update v1.2

Just a quick update today.  I've updated the Bolt Action modern rules modification to version 1.2.

You can download the file here (link updated to v1.4).

NOTE:  Version 3.1 rules and army lists are available HERE.

Changes include:

  • Replaced the -1 to hit modifier for shooting a "small team" to only apply to shooting a single model.
  • Changed grenades to be thrown like firing a normal weapon instead of using the indirect fire rules.  They can still be thrown indirectly but suffer an additional -1 to hit.  Updated the results of missing with a smoke grenade.  Also increased the damage of a fragmentation grenade from HE (D2) to HE (D3).
  • Restructured and cleaned up the special rules to divide them into generic special rules, weapons special rules and vehicle special rules.
  • Added the rules for "impossible shots" (to hit requires result >6) on the sheet that contains the weapons chart.
  • Added a not under the weapons chart to indicate that heavy weapons fired against unfortified buildings treat the target as being in soft cover.
  • Changed HE (D2) to HE (D3) for the RPG/SMAW, Recoilless Rifle and Automatic Cannon/Chain Gun weapons.
  • Added a rule to helicopters that fail an orders test (they stay landed if on the ground or move off the table if airborne).
  • Changed the MOUT special rule to Urban Operations.  Removed the +1 to the entry test.
  • Modified the Elite special rule - they reduce enemy damage value by -1 in close quarters.
  • Updated Martyrs special rule - they don't take morale tests and must be killed "to a man."
  • Added Close Quarters special rule which gives the unit +1 to their damage value when fighting in close quarters.
  • Added First Aid special rule which allows the unit to disregard a casualty on a D6 result of 6.
  • Added Advanced Armour rule that negates the +1 PEN modifier for side shots and reduces rear armour shots to +1 PEN.
  • Added a suggested approach to determining victory points for asymmetrical engagements.

That's all for now.  The rules worked really well for the last game we played.  We have more games planned and will adjust as makes sense moving forward.  I'm also working on a couple of basic army lists so you can see how to structure your forces.  

Most fundamentally is the basic infantry element is the fireteam which is generally 4 figures for western military forces and 4-6 figures for insurgents.


  1. Nice i may give them a try been thinking of some BA 20mm cold war for something different.

    1. Excellent, if you do I'd be happy to hear any feedback that you have :-) Thanks!