Sunday, April 23, 2017

ACW Collection - Taking Stock

Well, it must have been 3 years ago when Roy Scaife and I had a serious conversation about doing American Civil War.  Roy has been a great friend and wargaming buddy for 17 years (and ironically was the first wargamer I met when I moved down to California in 2000).

As a side note as it relates to gaming groups/friends.  Roy and I have both worked together to build out this collection. One of the great blessings I have living in Fremont is a great group of wargamers --- which is not only important for playing games - but because we all have an agreement that we provide and work together as a group to bring different periods and games to life.  For small projects (for example, Muskets and Tomahawks) we do these individually, collecting both sides and terrain then hosting games for the group as a whole - but for much larger periods like Napoleonic's, we all chip in to get breadth and scale to the period in question.  I've been lucky to have this type of setting throughout my wargaming life (even back in Halifax, Canada as my father's group was very similar).

Anyways ... figured since I had most of the collection out for the McPherson's Ridge game I might as well take some pictures of the whole lot.

The Union army ...

Union army completed to date.

Still finishing up the limber team
for the gun battery.

Side view.

The Confederate army ...

Confederate army completed to date.

I'd say it is just about done.  At this point I think it is just minor small things remaining --- I want to add about 20 more casualties per side, finish the wagons, camp sets - all those cool odds and ends that Perry Miniatures sells.  Maybe a couple of fluffier units like the Louisiana Fire Zouves.  We'll see.

Battle Report - McPherson's Ridge

Apologies ... this post is very picture heavy.  As planned we played through the McPherson's Ridge scenario yesterday.  It turned out great.  The game developed as expected with the Confederate's pushing Buford off McPherson's Ridge then pushing onward.  Lots of maneuver.

Starting positions and entry points.

Thompson's Farm, Thompson's Field and Seminary Field are worth 10 points each for the Confederates and 5 points each for the Union.  McPherson's Farm and McPherson's Field are worth 10 points each for the Union and 5 points each for the Confederates.  3 points are awarded for each broken infantry and cavalry unit, 2 for each broken artillery unit.  2 points are awarded for each shaken infantry and cavalry unit at games end and 1 point for each shaken artillery unit at games end.

John Lantz (Archer), Matt Hillzendrager (Davis and Brockenbrough) and myself (Pettigrew) played Confederates.  Roy Scaife (Meredith and Rowley) and Dan Kerrick (Buford and Cutler) played Union.  I always forget to take a picture of us ... but this time I remembered ...

(from left-to-right)
Jay White, Matt Hillzendrager, John Lantz, Dan Kerrick and Roy Scaife

The Union forces managed to pull off a victory.  My dice were exceptionally terrible ... I can only say that at least I was only running a single Confederate brigade so the damage was a least limited to just my brigade ... lol.

The Confederates held McPherson's Farm and Field and contested Thompson's Field by games end.  The Union held Thompson's Farm and Seminary Field at games end.  The Confederates decided to conduct a holding action on the Seminary Field side of the table while pushing hard against both Thompson's Farm and Field.

Union Final VPs:  38
Confederate Final VPs: 32

Forces waiting to enter the game.

Union forces waiting to enter.

Confederate forces waiting to enter.

Buford's cavalry at McPherson's Farm.

Meredith arriving in the area.

Buford's dismounted cavalry on
McPherson's Ridge.


It begins ...

Pictures below from the "real" camera ... although I have to say the phone is working well for the broader pictures ...

There you have it.  Next up is Little Round Top.