Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #9

Is that light at the end of the tunnel?  Maybe.  Every day I get a little more done.

Confederate artillery is coming along.

Chevaux de Frise from Renedra below.  More than 14 feet of it if I put them all beside each other!  Fortunately I found a fairly easy/fast way to paint these.  I did a heavy spray of GW Rhinox Hide, then a medium "dusting" spray of GW Mornfang Brown, and finally a light "dusting" spray of GW Zandri Dust.  Then I just used a good old fashioned paint brush to hit the tips of the spikes with GW Bleached Bone.

Mr. Dan Kerrick stopped by over the weekend for a short time and helped get the railroad tracks along.  Tracks are from 4Ground Publishing (MDF).  I was able to finish them up on Sunday evening.  4 sections at 18" each to cover the 6' width of the table.  I mounted these to thick plasticard and used cork board for the track bed (used an exacto knife to angle the edges).  Then some white glue and Woodland Scenics medium brown sand.

Just a quick pick of as I finish the Confederate guns and field positions ...

Fortunately the TO DO pile is getting smaller.  Hoping to be finish the final 4 Confederate guns by this Friday evening/Saturday morning.  Then complete the remaining gabion sections and cut the foam for the Vicksburg defenses - then it is buildings!

More updates to come.  While all my new infantry units are on bases - the bases are incomplete so I do still have a lot of basing to finish.  It is going to be a sprint to the finish!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #8

A quick update for today as I march ever onwards with this massive project.  I'm starting to see things get on the tabletop and come together just a little bit each day.

My current focus is on the entrenchments/gabions and siege artillery.  By this Friday I will have completed all the federal guns and positions.  I'm working through the federal siege mortars now.

I did complete one of the Confederate 100pdr Parrott rifled siege guns.  This weekend and next week is all dedicated to completing the five Confederate siege gun batteries/positions.

Some pictures below ...

So you can start to see how the fortified positions will be represented on the table top - I have to admit the picture doesn't do it justice ... and when the whole Vicksburg "line" is done this should be (hopefully) fairly impressive - especially with the elevation provided by the foam under the fur mat.

And that is the Federal artillery done!

If you are sick to death of Vicksburg project updates, all I can say is my apologies - this is a large project and in the process I'm completing my massive ACW collection to boot - so it has taken a while - but the end is nigh as I'm running this game on February 15th - so it's gotta be done by then.  After that you'll see some non-ACW related posts coming - but until then, this project is 100% of my focus.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #7

Another quick progress update.  Getting the last of the extras on bases and shifting over to completing terrain.

Figures painted by Steve Dake.  Tent, wagons, etc. painted by me.

I need to do another layer of white on the wagon I did a while ago so it matches the new one.

Getting closer by the day.  Looking to schedule a test for this game soon.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #6

Quick update tonight as I march ever forward on this project.  31 ACW civilians have joined the collection today.  I've kept thier bases a simple brown colour as I intend these to be used in the city of Vicksburg.  They can also be used in my Dead Man's Hand games as well.

Pictures below.  Apologies, I took these with my phone using just my painting lamp ... but good enough for now.

Hoping to keep up the pace, especially with a long weekend coming up here in the US.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Project: Siege of Vicksburg Update #5

Good progress this past weekend on Vicksburg ... things are moving along nicely now.

First up, the Confederate signal towers ... I have 2 from Old Glory.  I added some additional beams to the structure ...

Next up is from Perry Miniatures - field ambulance for the Union ...

Another from Perry Miniatures, the 1st of 3 wagon - I'll have 2 for the Union and 1 for the Confederates.  First Union supply wagon below.

I'm working through 31 civilians right now, Union camp set, Confederate HQ, field forge and much more.  Will be more updates coming soon!