Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blood and Plunder - French Faction

Next faction up is the French.  This faction has a commander, special character (Francois L'Olonnais), a unit of marins, unit of boucaniers, two units of flibustiers, and two units of milices des caraibes.  I really like how this particular faction came out.  Only one faction left to go - unaligned.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

Commander and special character
Francois L'Olonnais


Flibustiers #1

Flibustiers #2


Milices des Caraibes #1

Milices des Caraibes #2

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blood and Plunder - Spanish Faction

The next faction for Blood and Plunder is the Spanish.  This force consists of 26 miniatures total.  One Spanish commander and the special character Manuel Rivero de Pardal.  Two Lanceros units, a Marineros unit, two Milicianos units, and a Milicianos Indios unit round of the forces available.

Pictures below.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

Spanish Commander and
Special Character
Manuel Rivero de Pardal

Lanceros #1

Lanceros #2


Milicianos #1

Milicianos #2

Milicianos Indios

Blood and Plunder - English Faction

This week I have blood in my plunder --- wait, no --- I have Blood and Plunder to show you all!  All four factions (English, Spanish, French, and Unaligned) are complete and in my hands.  I'm working through taking pictures of each of the units and commanders and cleaning them up to be posted.

First faction up is the English ... pictures below.

Each faction is 26 miniatures.  For the English, this is a captain, Henry Morgan (special character), a unit of Forlorn Hope (can also be a Buccaneer Storming Party), two units of Freebooters, two units of Militia, and a unit of Sea Dogs.  This constitutes the starter set for the English faction.

Painted By:  Artmaster Studio

English Captain and Henry Morgan

Forlorn Hope
(or Buccaneer Storming Party)

Freebooters #1

Freebooters #2

Militia #1

Militia #2

Sea Dogs

Friday, October 6, 2017

Three Days At Gettysburg - Consolidating The Scenarios

I have another Wargames Illustrated article in the works.  This one will perhaps be the largest article yet (~3,500 words) as it takes the reader through my approach to building the three Gettysburg games.  Since I published the scenarios for each of the engagements throughout this year and last, I'm using this post to consolidate those scenarios into a single place.

In preparation for the article and to update the original scenario posts with actual pictures of the tables I used, I cleaned up some of the pictures and added setup notations.  I've included those pictures below and have gone back and updated the original scenario posts.

Sidebar:  One of the "pressures" of blogging is feeling like every post needs to be a novel or cover some major progress/battle report.  I've seen others post a little more frequently on week-to-week stuff they are working on and any progress they are making (or even on a lack of progress).  I'm trying out the "post a little more often" approach as there is always something each week that is going on ... let me know if it gets annoying (email or comment).

OK ... for the sake of consolidation and finding the scenarios easily when I run these games in the future ... and going in order that the engagements took place ...

McPherson's Ridge

Little Round Top

Battle Report: (pictures from KublaCon - scroll down)

Pickett's Charge

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Napoleon Vignette

A quick one today ... one of the things I'm working on for my Napoleonic games is a bunch of new scatter terrain for the horse and musket period.  Along with that, I'll have lots of casualties for my armies (30-40 each) that I'll use to litter the field of battle (along with dead livestock, horses and destroyed guns) - and I'm adding a lot of extras and vignette's to the field.  This includes supply wagons, carts, ambulances, a field forge, and more.

The first of these is Napoleon himself.  This is a great set from Perry Miniatures.  Pictures below of the completed model.

More to come as I make more progress.  The Waterloo game we are pushing towards should be visually impressive if all goes to plan - partly because of all the extras I'll have on the table.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blood and Plunder - The Whole Crew

Some great news this week - Artmaster Studio has completed my Blood and Plunder commission work and have sent along the pictures.  They've done their usual spectacular job on the models - really beautiful.  This first wave covers essentially all the models and factions that are currently available for the range.  When I get the "No Peace Beyond the Line" Kickstarter stuff in (an additional four factions) that will be sent along as the second wave of pirates.

These guys should already be in the post heading over the great pond in my direction - I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on them.  This means my first game of Blood and Plunder should be happening later this month provided I can get all the terrain together enough ... which I think I can do (got a lot of Napoleonic stuff happening at the moment).

Anyways ... enough of my blabbering ... on to the pictures!

British (front)

British (rear)

French (front)

French (rear)

Spanish (front)

Spanish (rear)

Unaligned (front)

Unaligned (rear)

Now, I just was too excited to wait so I just had to share.  I'll take closer and better pictures of the figures once I get them in hand.