Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Blood and Plunder - The Whole Crew

Some great news this week - Artmaster Studio has completed my Blood and Plunder commission work and have sent along the pictures.  They've done their usual spectacular job on the models - really beautiful.  This first wave covers essentially all the models and factions that are currently available for the range.  When I get the "No Peace Beyond the Line" Kickstarter stuff in (an additional four factions) that will be sent along as the second wave of pirates.

These guys should already be in the post heading over the great pond in my direction - I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on them.  This means my first game of Blood and Plunder should be happening later this month provided I can get all the terrain together enough ... which I think I can do (got a lot of Napoleonic stuff happening at the moment).

Anyways ... enough of my blabbering ... on to the pictures!

British (front)

British (rear)

French (front)

French (rear)

Spanish (front)

Spanish (rear)

Unaligned (front)

Unaligned (rear)

Now, I just was too excited to wait so I just had to share.  I'll take closer and better pictures of the figures once I get them in hand.


  1. Wow Jay, those look spectacular! Wish there was someone stateside that produced work like this.

    1. Excited :-) There is a painter in the US ... but my group has him buried in other projects ... to keep up I need to use 2 painters and myself! :-)

  2. Could that painters initials be SD? I wonder;)

    Artmaster did a really swell job on those pirates.


  3. Exellent paintwork! It will be a Joy for your to game with them. Looking forward to some blood and plundra gaming pictures.